1. Go to Overview.
  2. Click on the icon at the bottom right corner.
  3. Select SYNC.
  4. Select the person persons to send the request to. 
    • To add people, you can either tap the image of the person if you have it as one of your favorites, then it is marked with a yellow circle, to clear the print again.
    • You can also add people from your contacts press + Person, you can now select one or more people, save by pressing Select at the bottom of the page.
    • If the person is not one of your contacts then you can invite to TRIXXA by entering the person's e-mail address and pressing the icon to the far right of the row or searching your address book.
    • If you want to add, for example, an object to be downloaded, or left, press + Activities. You now come to your list of everything else such as things, events and activities. From here you can select one or more items, remember to press Select.
  5. If the request concerns an activity then you must add a message so that those who receive the request understand what the activity is about.
  6. Enter the day and time for the activity.
  7. Enter the location for the activity. If the place is not in the list, add a new place from your list of Places by pressing +.
  8. Select the person or persons you want to send the request to. To add contacts press + at the far right of TO, otherwise see above.
  9. Send question and wait for reply.