Our policy for using social media, in our communication with our users, says that we should use different social media to send out different types of information. This means that you, the user, must be able to choose what kind of information you want from us. We are currently working with our channels as follows:

Facebook mainly to send out information about everything that is product-related ie malfunctions, bugs, new functions etc. in upcoming releases and updates and offers.

Instagram for marketing related to campaigns that are also running in other social media.

Youtube for marketing communication.

Twitter for general marketing communication ie articles about TRIXXA, conferences and events that we participate in or things that we are a little extra proud of and want to talk about.

We prioritize the use of social media before sending e-mail to you. We will use your email to send out information and provide new releases so that you can keep your TRIXXA up to date with the latest features, in case of security issues that may require you to take action or infringement.